What are the Best Ways to Lose Weight?

What are the Best Ways to Lose Weight?

There are so many ways to lose weight but the problem is identifying YOUR specific goals or issues in mind.

I don’t think there is a “best way” as a general rule. I feel that it should be based upon each individual’s needs, however, it could be broken down into weight categories, possibly. 

This would consist of overweight, obese or morbidly obese. Unfortunately, for each of these categories, it needs to be broken down even further.

I will address this question as generally and simply as possible, that I feel will apply to anyone trying to lose weight.

First and foremost, you will accomplish SO much by simply changing your eating habits. The way you eat is literally what you will look like. This means that if you are eating fast food 7 (or 5 or 3 or 1) times a week – You are going to look like a hamburger or chicken nugget. No doubt about that!

You need to trim the fat, literally. This means eating as clean as possible and consuming lean proteins, vegetables (that matter) and very different carbs.

Lean proteins are vast, but here are basics:

  • Skinless chicken breast – Available everywhere.
  • Lean steak (such as filets, or top sirloins) other options as well. Do the research!
  • Fish – I’m not a fish guy, however, there are many good benefits to eating this protein. (If you like it)
  • Eggs – Eggs are a great source of protein and can be prepared in 1000 different ways. Eat the whole egg, not just the white.
  • Lean Pork – I’m not a huge fan, but it a wonderful source of protein.
  • Bison, shrimp, tofu and many others are great sources as well. Do the research!

Awesome Veggies to eat:

  • Spinach (amazing!)
  • Broccoli (I like the trees but it’s all good for you)
  • Green peas
  • Cauliflower
  • Asparagus and many more.

Best carbs to eat while trying to lose weight:

  • Quinoa (it really is great)
  • Sweet potatoes (I used t hate them, but they are really good – especially the purple ones.)
  • Chick-Pea-Pasta (I just love it) 
  • Brown rice and wheat bread
  • Many, more great carbs as well

I could stay on food for much longer, however, as long as you know that this will eliminate many issues, then I’m done with it. Do the research! 

Exercises and Workouts:

Everyone reading this should be able to walk, if not – please consult a doctor because I am not one.

In addition to eating properly, you should start walking EVERY DAY. If you can jog or run then you are at an advantage. Walking, jogging and running are free to do and net major results and they can work quite fast, again, this is assuming that you are eating the right things.

If you have access to a gym then you should use it, as you will have the best tools available to aid in your weight loss.

In this situation, I would start with a beginner strength training routine. This will net HUGE results and FAST. Download Strong lifts 5×5 from the app or play store (its free) and will guide you in many ways. I suggest this app in many of my posts because it is how I started at 220 lbs and lost 75 lbs using it.

If this approach is not for you then I suggest doing HIIT or just some super-set cardio routines. An example could be 10 minutes on a treadmill, at an almost uncomfortable but doable pace – then rest for 30 sec and jump onto a rowing machine or whatever other cardio exercises you are planning to do.  The point is to do them in succession and at a fast pace. This will burn many calories in the process.

There are literally a million or more different combinations to the few I outlined, but as long as you understand #1 then the rest are simply preferences on how to lose weight on your terms, There is no right or wrong way. As long as you are acting and moving forward then you are making progress on your goals.

You could try a Custom Keto diet  <–$1 trial with this link. This is a quick way to get your meals on a track that suits you personally and specifically.

If you happen to be a man that is very overweight or just overweight – I urge you to visit this link to see my before and after photos on my crazy amazing journey of weight loss transformation at 40+ years young.

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