Month: January 2020

What can I do every day that will burn most of my belly fat in 30 days?

Ok, here’s the deal. There are steps that you can take, (many in fact) that will aid in reducing belly fat every day, but you are not guaranteed that the fat will be reduced from this area, as opposed to another part of your body like your face, for example, or legs, butt etc…

It is extremely hard to target a specific area where your body will “decide” that this area is the one. It just doesn’t happen that way. Anyone that tells you different is LYING to you!

Your goal is to burn most of your belly fat in 30 days, which will differ for every person and it will depend on many factors. 2 obvious ones – are you a male or a female? This is important, but not necessary to answer this question.

Knowing that it is very hard to target a specific area of the body – there are still steps that you should and need to take.

30 days may seem like a short time to accomplish goals when it comes to weight/fat loss but amazing things can happen very quickly. I know this from experience.

If you are super fat, like I was – you should start where you are the least comfortable. This actually applies for any weight, or for anything in life as well.

When we are uncomfortable or backed against a wall, we actually perform better or strive to become better, or the best and in most cases, we will succeed. This is the truth whether you believe this or not.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female, but you need/should include strength training – period. This will net amazing results and FAST, as long as you are eating properly as well. Lean proteins, vegetables, and some friendly carbs. This assumes that you are physically able to perform the exercises as well.

Disclaimer: Lifting weights, (especially free weights) is something that should not be taken lightly. You may want to start with a Smith machine or Squat Rack or (rack) so you have much more control and it is much safer! [...]  Keep Reading